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20 Dec 2017

Latest issue of EC review of academic literature on economics of R&I available

The European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, has published the latest edition of its quarterly review of academic literature on the economics of research and innovation. The topics covered include the following:

  • The Middle Productivity trap: Dynamics of Productivity Dispersion
  • Aggregate multi-factor productivity: measurement issues in OECD countries
  • Global value chains, national innovation systems and economic development
  • What does it take to implement open innovation? Towards an integrated capability framework.
  • The nature of industrial development and the speed of structural change
  • Digital Innovation and the Distribution of Income
  • Optimisation in R&D intensity and tax on corporate profits for supporting labor productivity of nations
  • The role of state ownership and institutions in the innovation performance of emerging market enterprises: Evidence from China
  • Financial dependence and innovation: The case of public versus private firms
  • Technological Innovation, Resource allocation, and Growth

Previous editions can be downloaded from the EC's repository



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