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11 Dec 2017

Neth-ER presents its vision for European research and innovation post-2020

Neth-ER, the Netherlands house for Education and Research, published its vision paper on FP9 "Knowledge first". The public knowledge community in the Netherlands, associated in Neth-ER, believes that the next European framework programme for research and innovation (FP9) should be based on three key principles: excellence, cooperation and impact; and two key conditions: a dramatically increased budget of 120 billion euro, and a coherent ‘knowledge first’ policy, connecting efforts in all policy areas, programmes and instruments relevant for education, research and innovation.

Sander van den Eijnden, president of Neth-ER, stated that "research and innovation are key drivers for a knowledge-based society, productivity and economic growth. Europe must take a leading role and develop its already strong knowledge-based society. Therefore, the already unparalleled European Framework Programme for research and innovation (Horizon 2020) must rise to its full potential during Framework Programme 9." This vision paper was written by Neth-ER to support the European Commission’s consultation process for the next EU Framework Programme for research and innovation.

Download the vision paper here.

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