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06 Dec 2017

CoR highlights importance of ensuring coordination between EU funds in next MFF

In a press release on 5 December 2017, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) highlights the importance of increasing the absorption capacity of EU funds in local and regional communities, in the context of preparations for the new Multiannual financial framework (MFF). According to the CoR, EU Funds that are fit for purpose as well as the regions and cities are required for sustainable, inclusive and smart growth. The CoR therefore calls for the next MFF to be "business friendly in its design so as to attract additional funds", and "ensuring that EU funds are not seen as an EU subsidy for unviable national projects". With explicit reference to research and innovation, the CoR particularly stresses the need "to ensure coordination between existing Funds such as Horizon 2020 and the EFSI, which both target research and innovation", which, in the Committee's view, also calls for a results-focused approach, and for "making the Funds more user-friendly", with thre right amount of checks and balances.

For more information:

CoR - press release


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