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06 Dec 2017

EC awards Innovation Radar prize to CATEC from Spain

The Innovation Radar is an EC initiative to identify high-potential innovations and innovators in research and innovation ICT projects funded under FP7, CIP and Horizon 2020. 48 of the best EU-funded innovators have been identified through this initiative to compete with their EU-funded innovation in five categories for the Innovation Radar Prize 2017. The finale with the best 20 innovators took place at the ICT Proposers' Day in Budapest. CATEC from Spain produces advanced aerial contact drones and won the 2017 Innovation Radar Prize. CATEC's drones are able to perform inspections, such as ultrasonic, that require being in contact with an object in the air. The drone can be used for inspections of buildings or bridges, and therefore decreases the risks for people working at height. Seven other EU-funded innovators also secured prizes at the awards ceremony.

For more information:

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