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28 Nov 2017

Science Europe welcomes European Open Science Cloud in Open Letter

On 28 November 2017 the Science Europe Governing Board published an open letter on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Science Europe supports the principles of the EOSC, but questions on the instrument itself remain.

According to Science Europe, Open Science should be developed in a way that recognises the driving role of scientific communities in shaping and adopting Open Science practices. For the European Open Science Cloud, it is important to foster the FAIR principles for research data; to ensure the recognition of researchers’ data skills; to address issues of access, copyright, and data subject privacy; to allow easier replicability of results; to limit data wastage; and, to contribute to clarification of the funding model for data generation and preservation.

However, several aspects remain unclear so far. How will the EOSC be funded and governed? How will the EOSC integrate and be interoperable with existing research infrastructures? In addition, there are several data management issues to be solved. Answers to these questions are essential if the EOSC is to become a real support mechanism for Open Science and research..

Open Letter from the Science Europe Governing Board


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