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28 Nov 2017

HERA Network publishes first input to FP9

HERA, a network of European research funders for the Humanities, has published its paper "Framework Programme 9: A first response to the European Parliament Resolution and to “LAB – FAB – APP”. The paper references on the European Parliament response to the H2020 interim evaluation, and the "LAB – FAB – APP" report of the High Level Group on maximising the impact of EU Research and Innovation Programmes ("Lamy report").

According to HERA, the following principles should be integrated across the relevant areas of FP9 and in all aspects including context, content, missions and possible topics and work programmes:

  • FP9 is a research and Innovation programme.
  • Innovation should always be broadly conceived and include social and cultural innovation as well as processes, dynamics, scenarios and design in addition to new products.
  • There is frequent mention of growth and jobs in the existing discourse, but this should be expanded to include social aspects e.g. a better society with higher quality of living for all its members.
  • The generation of new knowledge has wider value than just enabling innovation.
  • Multi-disciplinary, as well as cross-sectoral, approaches should be enabled throughout to support new solutions to address existing research problems as well as urgent societal challenges.
  • Complexity and reflections should be integral to FP9 – many issues are interrelated and exist in policy, regulatory, legal and value frameworks.
  • Collaboration needs to be a significant part of the FP9 research & innovation environment.

HERA stands for “Humanities in the European Research Area.” It is a partnership of 25 research funders across 24 European countries and is co-funded by the European Commission.

The paper can be downloaded here.


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