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22 Nov 2017

OECD publishes Innovation Score Board 2017

The OECD has just released its biennial OECD Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Scoreboard 2017. With some 200 indicators, the STI Scoreboard shows how the digital transformation affects science, innovation, the economy, and the way people work and live. Its objective is to help governments design more effective science, innovation and industry policies in the fast-changing digital era. The STI Scoreboard contains five chapters:

  1. Knowledge economies and the digital transformation;
  2. Knowledge, talent and skills;
  3. Research Excellence and Collaboration;
  4. Innovation in firms; 
  5. Leadership and Competitiveness.

An Executive Summary is also provided. The main messages are the following:

  • The digital revolution continues apace
  • Scientific power-houses drive digital innovation
  • Frontier technologies are highly concentrated
  • The digital transformation is not affecting every sector equally
  • Broad skill sets are required
  • More people are being connected, but gaps remain
  • Women lag in the digital transformation



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