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14 Nov 2017

EC calls for endorsement of EOSC Declaration

ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, has announced that the Commission has made the EOSC Declaration (European Open Science Declaration) available to all scientific stakeholders for them to provide their endorsement and commitments to the realisation of the EOSC by 2020. The Declaration emerged from the EOSC Summit of 12 June 2017 and is geared towards the implementation of the EOSC.  

40 scientific stakeholders have already endorsed the principles of the Declaration. A list of first signatories has already signed up to play a role in the EOSC 'coalition of doers'. The Commission strongly encourages more people and organisations to 1) to endorse the principles of the Declaration, and 2) to commit to take some of the specific actions forward.

For more information:

ESFRI - News

The road to and from the EOSC Declaration.

EC EOSC Website

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