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13 Nov 2017

research*eu results magazine looks at technology for the visually impaired

CORDIS, the European Commission Research and Development Information Service, has published the latest issue of its research*eu results magazine. The current issue highlights EU-funded projects that work on technologies for the visually impaired and how innovative R&D solutions can provide innovative solutions for them. Victims of currently incurable, blinding diseases are currently the focus of projects aiming to find new treatments using gene therapy or new drugs. Engineers across Europe are designing innovative devices, either boosting the remaining senses to compensate for the loss of sight; or even creating tactile devices that will enable visually-impaired people to benefit from the increasingly graphical contents used in digital communications.

Other topics covered by the current edition are the following:

  • New imaging technology could predict patient response to NMD treatment
  • Better investing in Europe
  • Putting the info into urban mobility
  • Modelling ocean flows advances climate change understanding
  • From bees to pest control – evaluating nature’s hidden service
  • Bringing the promise of advanced nano-material products closer, thanks to a new process
  • A step closer in tackling online rumours and fake news
  • First satellite able re-enter the atmosphere in a controlled way
  • Novel methods lift the veil on chromatin’s role in gene expression

The research*eu Results Magazine is the main source of information for all findings related to EU-funded science projects. It covers a large spectrum of scientific topics and is published 10 times per year in English.

For more information, sign up for a free subscription and to download the new edition, please go to


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