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09 Nov 2017

EUA publishes detailed proposals for FP9

The European University Association (EUA) has further defined its vision of FP9 by putting forward specific recommendations for the design of FP9 rules and participation criteria. The recommendations outlined in the paper "From Vision to Action: What EUA proposes for the Next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9)" echo several of the ideas presented in the European Commission’s report “LAB-FAB-APP Investing in the European Future We Want” (“Lamy” report) and are fully in line with the recognition that research and innovation are at the core of Europe’s future. The EUA stresses that tackling the UN Sustainable Development Goals, consolidating the European Research Area and building a more competitive, prosperous and inclusive Europe requires a strong Framework Programme, capable of fully supporting and leveraging European research and innovation.

In its paper the EUA calls for:

  • increasing the budget of FP9 to sufficiently fund a significantly larger number of excellent, collaborative and multidisciplinary research and innovation projects (all top-rated proposals). Grants shopuld be used instead of financial instruments and loan-based schemes to fund university-based research to ensure funding sustainability for R&I and equitable access to beneficiaries.
  • providing clearer outlines of the general components of multidisciplinarity in FP9 projects and describing requirements for multidisciplinary research in a user-friendly way. 
  • rendering SSH participation mainstream in the next FP, to ensure that SSH experts are involved in all the phases of the process, including problem formulation, work programme drafting and topic design.
  • introducubg measures for a more competitive environment in the scientific publishing market with the main objective of decreasing prices.
  • including pan-European actions to connect all European databases and repositories coordinated by the European Commission, such as the proposed European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).
  • providing sufficient funding to ensure a wider engagement of excellent, collaborative and multidisciplinary teams from across Europe and to increase the average country success rates.
  • providing supplementary funds for the engagement of emerging excellent scientists from less research-intensive member states in successful collaborative research teams leading FP9 projects.
  • a stronger alignment of policies for education, research and innovation in FP9.

From Vision to Action: What EUA proposes for the Next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9)



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