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07 Nov 2017

Science Europe calls for rationalisation of Public-to-Public Partnerships

In the context of the ongoing preparation of  FP9, Science Europe published a policy brief on Public-to-Public Partnerships (P2Ps) on 7 November 2017. P2Ps aim to foster co-ordination and collaboration between national and regional research and innovation activities, and they play a key role in improving the efficiency of public research funding in Europe. According to Science Europe over the years the types of P2Ps, the number of initiatives covering similar areas, and the various rules of funding and participation, have resulted in a complex European research-funding landscape. Therefore Science Europe proposes to address this complexity and reflect on a better articulation of European, national, and regional research efforts.

Science Europe proposes a two-fold strategic approach to the design and evaluation of future P2Ps. FP9 should facilitate:

  • a top-down process that earmarks multiannual co-investment for large-scale P2Ps in few prioritised areas and supports them with an overarching strategic agenda

  • a genuine competition amongst bottom-up initiatives, of smaller scale and driven by EU Member States.

In its policy brief, Science Europe  also calls for rationalisation of existing P2Ps per area, leading to the continuation, merging, or termination of initiatives. Both new and existing P2Ps should be evaluated along quantitative and qualitative indicators.

Science Europe: On Public-to-Public Partnerships and the Next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation


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