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06 Nov 2017

LERU identifies principles for medium-sized research infrastructures

In a note published on 6 November 2017, the League of European Research Universities (LERU) proposes four golden principles for enhancing the competitiveness of medium-sized research infrastructures in Europe.

LERU has observed that previous EU research infrastructure strategies have given insufficient consideration to ensuring the long-term sustainability of medium-sized research infrastructures, which are typically embedded within university departments as core facilities. Medium-sized research infrastructures - defined in the LERU report as having an initial investment cost of up to €10 million or an annual budget of € 1-5 million - represent a vital investment of resources across many nations, universities and disciplines.

LERU proposes that a standard checklist be developed to show how medium-sized research infrastructures implement the golden principles, which could be consulted to assess whether a research infrastructure is eligible for funding.

LERU Golden Principles


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