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30 Oct 2017

Industry and research associations publish position paper on future of JTIs

Five Industry and Research Associations (Hydrogen Europe, ASD, BIC, EFPIA and UNIFE) involved in Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) have published a joint position paper the future of such instruments in FP9. The paper entitled "Industry and research associations’ position on EU Institutional Public Private Partnerships in Research and Innovation" was published on 27 October 2017 and represents the common position of the five associations which are involved in 6 EU institutional Public Private Partnerships (Joint Undertakings (JUs)), collectively representing 453 companies and 48 national associations, supplemented by 218 RTOs and university associations. The paper stresses the importance of the JTIs as a strong instrument leading to European market growth, job creation, enhanced international competitiveness and benefits to society.

For more information:

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Joint Position Paper by Hydrogen Europe, ASD, BIC, EFPIA and UNIFE


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