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24 Oct 2017

Commission publishes its Work Programme 2018

On 24 October 2017, the College of Commissioners adopted the European Commission's Work Programme for 2018. The Work Programme sets out a limited number of targeted legislative actions to complete the Commission's work in priority policy areas over the next months. The Commission will table all legislative proposals no later than May 2018. The work programme also presents a number of initiatives that have a more forward-looking perspective, e.g. the new Union of 27 and its future. These initiatives reflect the debate kick-started by the Commission's White Paper on the Future of Europe and the State of the Union address.

Every year, the Commission adopts a Work Programme setting out the list of actions it will take in the year ahead. The Work Programme informs the public and the co-legislators of the EC's political commitments to present new initiatives, withdraw pending proposals and review existing EU legislation.

EC Work Programme 2018

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