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18 Oct 2017

EIT Award Winners 2017 announced at INNOVEIT in Budapest

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has announced this year's winners of the EIT Award. The award-winning researchers and innovators were honoured at the EIT Awards ceremony held on 16 October 2017, at the INNOVEIT conference in Budapest.

The EIT Change Award went to Florence Gschwend (Switzerland), co-founder and Director of Operations of Chrysalix Technologies, for the BioFlex process that enables contaminated waste wood from construction and demolition to be transformed into inexpensive fuels, materials and chemicals, contributing to a cleaner tomorrow for all (€ 15,000.-). The Change Award rewards graduates who spur innovation and bring about societal change.

The EIT Venture Award was given to Hans Constandt (Belgium), founder and CEO of Ontoforce, for DISQOVER, an innovative search tool that finds medical data faster, smarter and simpler to heal patients more effectively. DISQOVER aggregates data from an unlimited number of public, third-party and private sources (€ 50,000.-). The Venture Award recognises Europe's most promising ventures.

The EIT Innovators Award was given to Martin Steinberg (Sweden), Project Leader at the Karolinska Institute, for the Stockholm3 Test (STHLM3), an innovative cancer-detecting blood test. The test detects the risk of aggressive prostate cancer by combining five protein markers, more than 100 genetic markers, clinical data and a proprietary algorithm (€ 50,000.-). The Innovators Award recognises innovation teams developing a product or service with a high potential for societal and economic impact.

The EIT Audience Award went to Carsten Mahrenholz, co-founder and CEO of COLDPLASMATECH GmbH, the company behind the innovative “Plasma Patch” – a Star Trek-like device that uses cold plasma to kill multi-resistant bacteria and treat chronic wounds. The Audience Award is a new award that is chosen by the participants of the INNOVEIT conference.

For more information and photos and videos of the award winners:

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