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13 Oct 2017

OECD releases Digital Economy Outlook 2017

The OECD published its Digital Economy Outlook for 2017 on 11 October 2017. Amongst other issues, the report gives the following messages:

  • Governments are waking up to the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation;
  • Despite the effects of the crisis, IT services continue to grow and spur a positive outlook;
  • Developing quickly, communication infrastructures and services are upgrading for a new surge of data;
  • ICT usage keeps growing but is unequally distributed across countries, firms and individuals;
  • Digital innovation and new business models are driving an economic transformation, including of jobs and trade;
  • Effective use of ICTs in life and for work requires more specialist and generic skills in ICTs complemented by better foundational skills;
  • Concerns about digital security and privacy restrain ICT adoption and business opportunities;
  • The promises of artificial intelligence are accompanied by important policy and ethical questions;
  • The potential of blockchain hinges on grappling with technical hurdles and policy challenges.

The report also points out that digitalisation will require not only more ICT specialists but also greater uptake of advanced ICT tools by firms and adaptation of public policies to the new digital challenges 

OECD 2017 Digital Economy Outlook

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