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11 Oct 2017

ERA-LEARN publishes toolbox of current and novel alignment modalities

The ERA-LEARN project has published a "Toolbox of current and novel alignment modalities". This document synthesises the lessons learned from the case studies that examine current and novel alignment modalities. It describes specific alignment actions or instruments in practical terms, the key benefits and weaknesses of such an action, and the success factors necessary to ensure effective implementation and impact.

There are a variety of actions and instruments currently in use in Europe that promote and facilitate the practical implementation of alignment of national research and innovation strategies, activities, and resources. Such joint actions can in fact occur at any stage of the research and innovation programming cycle. The consolidated “Alignment Typology” identifies 29 alignment actions and instruments currently in use by various European public-to-public research partnerships along the entire research and innovation programming cycle. This report provides information about the possible use, benefits, challenges, and key factors of successful implementation for each of the 29 actions identified in the Typology table.

ERA-LEARN 2020 is a support action (CSA) funded by Horizon 2020. It started in January 2015 as a support platform for the Public-Public-Partnerships (P2P) community.

The report can be downloaded from the ERA-LEARN website.

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