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03 Oct 2017

EC analysis compares Juncker's and Macron's visions for Europe

The European Commission's European Policy Strategy Centre has published a comparative assessment of the two speeches given by EC President Jean-Claude Juncker and French President Emmanuel Macron in September 2017 in which they both outlined their visions for the future of Europe.

This paper entitled "Two Visions, One Direction: Plans for the Future of Europe" provides a comparative assessment of the different policy fields addressed in the two speeches and the proposals they advance. While recognising the nuances, the analysis reveals a strong convergence of opinions between the two leaders.

The analysis sees a high degree of convergence also with regard to "Digital, Innovation and Industrial Policy". While President Macron proposes the creation of a new agency on breakthrough innovation, the EC points out that the EU already funds breakthrough innovation through Horizon 2020 and has set up the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) to enhance Europe's innovation potential, the European Innovation Council, and the European Research Council which funds research on breakthrough technologies. President Juncker calls for a Cybersecurity Agency, while President Macron does not specifically mention the need for setting up such an agency, but stresses the importance of reinforcing European cybersecurity.

President Juncker has added the "New Industrial Policy" strategy based on innvation, digitisation and decarbonisation, while President Macron highlights the global promotion of the EU model combining innovation and regulation/security, as well as the importance of measures to attract foreign talents among scientists and entrepreneurs.

"Two Visions, One Direction: Plans for the Future of Europe as laid out in President Juncker's State of the Union and President Macron's Initiative for Europe" (pdf download)

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