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27 Sep 2017

Science|Business: Macron wants to set up ‘EU agency on disruptive innovation’

French President looks to science, technology and education to revive Europe – and gives a political boost to Moedas proposal for a new innovation council

Science|Business article

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for the creation of a new EU funding agency for disruptive innovation, to encourage the emergence of "champions" in digital technology.

“Let us create within two years a European agency for innovation, to be in the position of innovator and not of follower,” Macron said in a major speech Tuesday at Paris' Sorbonne University that set out a sweeping vision to revamp the EU, with the aid of stronger education, science and technology.

Explaining the need for the new innovation agency, Macron said the “the challenge is to make Europe a champion in digital, artificial intelligence and biotech [fields]. If we can do this, we will become a reference model [for the world],” he said.

A new funding agency can help Europe keep up with the pace of technological discovery in China and the US, he added.

His comments give a big political boost to an earlier proposal by EU Research Commissioner Carlos Moedas to create a European Innovation Council, a new body that has been the subject of much debate and anticipation in Brussels over the past two years.

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Photo: French President Macron, by Science|Business

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