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27 Sep 2017

EC document looks at long-term sustainability of research infrastructures

On 27 September 2017, the European Commission (EC) published a Staff Working Document on "Long-term sustainability of Research Infrastructures (RI)", to provide the basis for a discussion with Member States and stakeholders on the measures to be taken at all levels in Europe to address RI sustainability in the medium and long-term.

The document is a compendium of the outcomes of consultations that were carried out with stakeholders. The resulting Action Plan should activate and structure the debate with RI funders, users and operators, in order to arrive at a sound basis to work for sustainable European RIs. It also aims at contributing to the discussions on FP9 and future ESI Funds. While the focus of the Staff Working Document is on publicly funded Pan-European Research Infrastructures, the findings are clearly relevant also at national and regional level.

Research Infrastructures (RI) play an essential role in the advancement of knowledge and technology. They contribute to the full spectrum of science by offering services that enable discovery, technology development and invention. They drive technological progress, which depends on both transformative research and innovation.

Long-term sustainability of Research Infrastructures


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