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20 Sep 2017

EC publishes new issue of review on economics of R&I literature

The European Commission (EC), DG Research and Innovation, has published the latest issue of its review of academic literature on the economics of Research & Innovation (R&I). Such a review will be published on a quarterly basis from now on.

The current issue includes reviews of the following topics:

  • Financing innovation: evidence from R&D grants
  • The location of multinational firms' R&D activities abroad: host country university research, university-industry collaboration, and R&D heterogeneity
  • Spillovers from R&D and other intangible investment: evidence from UK industries
  • Innovation and employment growth in Japan: analysis based on microdata from the basic survey of Japanese business structure and activities
  • The role of science parks: a puzzle of growth, innovation and R&D investments
  • What promotes R&D? Comparative evidence from around the world
  • Persistent heterogeneity of R&D intensities within sectors: evidence and policy implications
  • The walking dead? Zombie firms and productivity performance in OECD countries
  • Estimating dynamic R&D choice: an analysis of costs and long‐run benefits
  • Does intellectual capital allow improving innovation performance? A quantitative analysis in the SME context

The current issue can be downloaded below.

For downloading previous issues of the review, please click here.  


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