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15 Sep 2017

CoR President reacts to Juncker's State of the Union address

Among several other European institutions, the Committee of the Regions (CoR) has reacted to EC President Jean-Claude Juncker's State of the Union address that was given on 13 September 2017. According to a statement by CoR President Lambertz, the objective to build a "More United, Stronger and More Democratic Union" which must be achieved in partnership with Europe's regions sets the right path. The CoR refers to its own Reflecting on Europe process as a complement to the European Commission and other EU institutions' efforts.

Mr. Lambertz stresses that "the EU must work closer with regions and cities in their areas of competencies, particularly if it hopes to deliver environmental policy that moves us towards a low-carbon sustainable economy; improves transport in every community; integrates refugees into our communities; creates decent jobs; contributes to more social justice and fundamentally promotes social and territorial cohesion whilst supporting our local economies".

Amongst other issues, the CoR stresses the importance of having the right resources to achieve the objectives set out by President Juncker, calling for "a stronger EU budget that matches European ambitions". It welcomes the need for reinforcement of the European Fund for Strategic Investment , while at the same time insisting that "financial instruments must complement and not replace a cohesion policy for all regions".

The CoR President announced that he intends to deliver his own first annual Address on the "State of the European Union: the view of Regions and Cities " on 10 October in Brussels.


For more information:

Committee of the Regions - press release

Photo: EC President Juncker and CoR President Lambertz, by CoR

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