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04 Sep 2017

CORDIS research*eu results magazine highlights blood cancer research

CORDIS, the EC's Community Research and Development Information Service, has published the most recent issue of its research*eu results magazine. Issue no. 65 focuses on "Stemming the blood cancer tide".

The different types of blood cancer require specific and complex therapeutic strategies, yet, despite continuous scientific advances, many of them are still fatal, even though survival rates have grown in recent decades. research*eu results presents the latest research advances and novel treatments in this field.

Other topics included in this issue are the following:

  • Oral immunotherapy for cystic fibrosis
  • Expanding the preventative archaeology toolbox in Eastern Europe
  • New grids on the block: Sparking the energy evolution
  • Improved predictions for weather and climate
  • New recommendations for growth of organic aquaculture
  • ‘Sensitive’ buildings adapt to changes
  • Combining operational and analytical databases in a single platform
  • Innovative method and technological solutions to foil cyberattacks on utility companies
  • Graphene-based spintronics for next-gen molecular electronic devices

The research*eu results magazine is published 10 times per year by CORDIS.

For more information, free subscription and download of the new edition, please visit:


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