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11 Jul 2017

EIB appoints new EFSI Investment Committee members

The Steering Board of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) has selected eight experts to form a new Investment Committee for EFSI as stipulated by the EU Regulation which establishes EFSI. The Committee will take up duty on 1 August 2017.

The Investment Committee, chaired by Managing Director Wilhelm Molterer, consists of independent experts from eight EU countries. Following an open and transparent selection procedure published in the Official Journal of the EU, the committee members appointed for a fixed term of 18 months are:

  • Mr Gordon Bajnai (Hungary)
  • Mr Thierry Deau (France) 
  • Ms Dalia Dubovske (Lithuania)
  • Ms Vicky D Kefalas (Greece)
  • Ms Andreja Kodrin (Slovenia)
  • Mr Fabio Pammolli (Italy)
  • Ms Nieves Rodriguez Varela (Spain)
  • Mr Manfred Schepers (Netherlands)

In addition to the assessment by the Investment Committee, which takes its decisions by simple majority, projects financed by the European Fund for Strategic Investments have to go through the standard EIB due diligence. They need to be technically and economically sound, match the eligible sectors laid-out in the European Investment Plan, and receive final approval by the EIB Board of Directors.

For more information:

EIB - press release

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