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05 Jul 2017

New CORDIS research*eu results magazine issue available

CORDIS, the European Commission's Community Research and Development Information Service, has published the latest issue of its research*eu results magazine. The current issue no. 63 has a special feature on EU-funded research and technology developments in the wine-producing sector.

Other topics in this edition include:

  • Skeletal tissue regeneration
  • The effect of socio-economic segregation on European cities
  • Better gas turbine engine designs boost efficiency and cut noise
  • Seeing the wood for the trees with advanced sensing technology
  • New technology and management techniques could lift European aquaculture industry
  • Hybridising silicon devices with carbon nanotubes
  • Modelling energy efficiency for the next generation of microchips
  • Europe’s resilience to threats gets better
  • Quantum leap forward in understanding biological processes

The research*eu results magazine is published 10 times a year by CORDIS.

To download the magazine, please click here.

For a free subscription of the magazine, please click here.


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