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04 Jul 2017

EARTO welcomes Lamy-Report

EARTO, the European Association of Research and Technology Associations, has welcomed the report of the High-Level Group on Maximising EU R&I Impact (Lamy Report), since the report places research & innovation as a key geopolitical factor for the future of Europe. In particular, EARTO agrees with bringing back the target of 3% GDP spending on R&I in post-Brexit EU, and the report's call to double the overall budget of the post-2020 EU R&I programme, saying that a seven-year budget of €120 billion would be the bare minimum.

In accordance with EARTO's motto “Impact Delivered", the association also strongly supports the focus on impact throughout the report. Amongst other issues, EARTO agrees with the recognition of the need to make EU State Aids rules more innovation-friendly and strongly supports the reports’ call to design the EU post-2020 R&I programme and the future structural funds “with complementary, mutually reinforcing and interoperable intervention logics”. The association also agrees on the fine-tuning of the 3-pillars’ structure for the future programme, with Pillar 2 focussed not only on innovation with the EIC but also on Competitiveness with a strong role for Public-Private Partnerships to mobilise joint investment.

For more information:

EARTO Press Release
Report of the High-Level Group on Maiximising EU R&I Impact

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