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27 Jun 2017

CESAER presents advice on FP9

On 27 June 2017, the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER) presented an advice paper on FP9, to underline the importance of the EU Framework Programmes for Research & Innovation for their universities of science & technology. Based on the intense collaboration with business, industry, public services and citizens, CESAER members see themselves in a bridging role between academia, state, market and society. With regard to FP9, CESAER recommends that the European Union demonstrate ambition, assume leadership, and look beyond Europe to realise knowledge societies and contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals. The EU should provide new momentum, dynamism and equity to the European Research Area (ERA) and deepen European integration in education, research and innovation. CESAER calls for a commitment to country-specific targets for investments into research and innovation, also enacting more and better synergies between FP9 and other EU funding instruments.

To read all recommendations, you can download the full paper here.

A collection of FP9 input papers from various stakeholders can be found in the Horizon 2020 section Next Framework Programme/Input-Papers.

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