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26 Jun 2017

Commission sets up new High Level Expert Group European Open Science Cloud

On 21 June 2017, the Commission set up the new High Level Expert Group European Open Science Cloud. Its mission is to advise the Commission on the measures needed to implement the European Open Science Cloud.

The new group, chaired by Silvana Muscella, is composed of ten high-level experts from different European countries and two third countries (Australia and US). Together, they have a complementary set of expertise related to various key aspects of the set-up of scientific data clouds, including standardisation, certification, procurement, delivery of federated services, business models, management, governance and funding of national and European research data infrastructures and e-Infrastructures.

This Expert Group is therefore distinct from traditional advisory groups discussing the overall financing of research infrastructures including e-infrastructures (e.g. ESFRI, e-IRG and Horizon 2020-related groups). The new group follows in the steps of the previous High Level Expert Group European Open Science Cloud, chaired by Professor Barend Mons and including experts from different scientific disciplines, which was established in 2015 and was active until February 2017.

HLG Members

Commission High Level Expert Group 


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