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16 May 2017

Portugal presents Position Paper on interim evaluation of H2020 and FP9

The Portuguese Position Paper “On the evolving nature of EU research funding: H2020 interim evaluation and directions towards the next framework programme (FP9) in an increasingly diverging Europe” summarises the Portuguese position on the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 and the orientations for FP9.

Portugal stresses that after a decade hit by recession and economic and budgetary problems, together with the emerging debate  associated with the impact of BREXIT, research and innovation policy formulation in Europe must take into account countercyclical measures to adequately strengthen knowledge-­‐based cohesion platforms across Europe, promoting opportunities for pre-­‐competitive research, together with European added value.

In the paper, Portugal proposes six main issues which should be considered to guide the successful continuation of Horizon 2020 and to help designing the next EU Framework Programme for Research  and Innovation, including scope, the human resources dimension, funding, governance, administrative issues and internationalisation.

Portugal's Position Paper



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