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12 May 2017

Gender in the Global Research Landscape Report presented in Brussels

On 12 May 2017, a comprehensive new report on Gender in the Global Research Landscape was presented by Elsevier in Brussels. The report analyses research performance from a gender perspective and covers a period of 20 years, 12 geographies, and 27 subject areas. The report provides evidence-based insight into, and guidance for, gender research and gender equality policy for governments, funders and institutions worldwide. In his keynote speech, Commissioner Carlos Moedas stressed gender equality as being a key component of open science and innovation.

The key findings of the report provide a better understanding of the role of gender within the structure of the global research enterprise. The results of the report show that:
• The proportion of women among researchers and inventors is increasing in all twelve comparator countries and regions over time.
• Among researchers, women tend to specialise in the biomedical fields and men in the physical sciences.
• On average, women publish fewer research papers than men, but there is no evidence that this affects how their papers are cited or downloaded.

Report Gender in the Global Research Landscape

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