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05 May 2017

Commission launches Horizon 2020 Prize for Zero Power Water Monitoring

The European Commission has launched the Zero Power Water Monitoring Horizon Prize, inviting European innovators to come up with solutions based on self-powered and wireless smart sensing technologies, designed for real-time monitoring of water resources.

Water is a scarce and extremely valuable resource. Therefore it is crucial to develop more sustainable and efficient water technologies by driving efficiency, reducing emissions and boosting resilience. Moreover, renewable resources could minimise production costs, reduce pollution and ensure their availability for future generations.

In order to tackle these challenges, the European Commission launched the 'Zero Power Water Monitoring' Horizon Prize. This is the fourth ICT-based Horizon Prize and it will be awarded to the best solution that will succeed putting together wireless sensors using harvesting technologies and demonstrate the positive impact of using self-powered energy in acquiring, monitoring, communicating and analysing information about water resources.

The € 2million cash award will go to any entity (innovators, SMEs and non-profit organisations acting alone or together with other entities) that will come up with a breakthrough solution able to boost the use of self-powered energy in Smart Water Management System. All the proposals have to fulfil the three cumulative award criteria: positive impact, reliability and innovative design. The proposed concepts should also increase the efficiency of existing and new monitoring parameters.

More details and the rules for participation can be found here.

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