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07 Apr 2017

ERC announces 231 new Advanced Grants awards

The European Research Council has announced the awarding its Advanced Grants to 231 top researchers in Europe. The funding, worth a total of €540 million, will give these researchers from many different fields of science a chance to realise their most creative ideas that can have a major impact on science, society and the economy. The grants fall under the "Excellent Science" pillar of Horizon 2020. The largest share of grantees is accounted for by Physical Sciences and Engineering (108), followed by Life Sciences (73) and Social Sciences and Humanities (50).

The grantees will carry out their projects at universities and research centres in 20 countries across the ERA, with Germany (45 grants), United Kingdom (41), Switzerland (25) and France (23) as leading locations. Austria will host 9 projects. In this competition, researchers of 24 different nationalities received funding, with Germans (46), Britons (37), Dutch (21) and French (18) being the most numerous.6 grantees are Austrian nationals.

The grantees were selected from a total of some 2,400 research proposals, of which 9.6% have been selected for funding. Female researchers submitted approximately 16% of proposals and 16% of grants have been awarded to women. The grants are expected to lead to job creation, as an estimated 2,000 postdocs, PhD students and other staff can be employed in the grantees' research teams.

For more information:

ERC - press release

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