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31 Mar 2017

LERU policy paper highlights societal impact of universities

LERU, the League of European Research Universities, presented its new policy paper "Productive Interactions: Societal impact of academic research in the knowledge society" at an event in Brussels on 30 March 2017. The paper contains a thorough analysis of the demand on universities to prove their societal impact, against the background of dramatic societal changes related to globalisation, competition and challenges such as ageing populations, global warming and migration. The universities advocate a view which sees societal impact as the outcome of the creative encounter of various stakeholders and their contributions to a common goal in an iterative process. This view is in contrast with the traditional view of a linear model of knowledge production focused on direct economic benefit and easily quantifiable output. In addition to analysing these isssues, the position paper includes recommendations for universities, governments, policy makers and funders.

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LERU policy paper Productive interactions: Societal impact of academic research in the knowledge society

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