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31 Mar 2017

Austrian Think Tank publishes second paper on FP9

"Fostering Impact and Sustainable Collaboration in FP9 within a new Common Research, Technology and Innovation Policy" is the second paper published by the  Austrian FP9 Think Tank. The Think Tank was created in May 2016 in order to develop ideas for a future European Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) policy, and specifically a more effective and efficient Framework Programme. Using its Theses Paper (which was published in October 2016) as a basis, the Think Tank elaborates further on some of the ideas in its second paper, and makes more concrete suggestions for the future of the EU’s RTI policy. The paper does not represent the position of the Austrian government, but constitutes an experts' input to the ongoing discussions on FP9 at national and European level.

The second Think Tank paper can be downloaded here

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