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29 Mar 2017

Study on access-to-finance for RTOs published

On 29 March 2017, the European Investment Bank released a study on access-to-finance for Europe’s Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and their academic and industrial partners. The study reviews access-to-finance conditions met by RTOs and proposes potential solutions to improve them. RTOs and their partners face very specific challenges in obtaining the necessary funds for infrastructure development and for spin-out/special purpose vehicle (SPV) creation.

The study shows that for some RTOs existing business models could be further optimised and complemented in order to reposition part of the current activities and, where possible, introduce a more commercial and market-driven perspective. It is demonstrated that financial knowledge and technological understanding are important and should be further leveraged in the innovation ecosystem.

The report provides specific recommendations on how the RTOs can close the identified funding gaps and discusses how existing and potentially new EIB-EC financial instruments and advisory services can be instrumental herein.

The report is available on the EIB website.


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