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28 Mar 2017

EUA and UUK welcome EU ambitions for research and innovation after Brexit

The European University Association (EUA) and UUK (Universities UK, the representative organisation for the UK's universities) have welcomed the ambitions outlined by EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier in view of the approaching Brexit negotiations with the UK in a speech in Brussels on 22 March 2017. In his speech before the Committee of the Regions, Mr. Barnier explicity stated that the EU was ambitious regarding a post-Brexit relationship with the UK in the areas of research and innovation, even if this happens in a new legal and financial framework.

Universities both in the EU and in the UK strongly favour the ambition of a continued close relationship in both research and higher education and therefore welcome Mr. Barnier’s explicit commitment, calling for a pragmatic and flexible approach by negotiators in this field in order to be able to fulfill their common ambition of close collaboration also in future.

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