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23 Mar 2017

EC provides compendium on R&D in European Semester Country Reports 2017

The European Commission's Directorate General for Research and Innovation has drawn up a compendium covering the research and innovation (R&I) aspects in the European Semester Country Reports 2017. In particular, the compendium offers an overview of

  • the R&I relevant findings and related policy challenges from the Executive Summary of the Semester Report;
  • the R&I specific section;
  • any additional references to R&I issues in other sections.

The two main findings for Austria from the Research and Innovation section as summarised in the compendium are that "Austria ranks second among Member States on public and private R&D spending but has not yet achieved a matching performance in innovation"; and that "since formulating its innovation leadership ambition in 2011, Austria has tabled a multitude of initiatives and programmes but has not yet evaluated their overall effectiveness". Additional references found in the Education section are that "Austria faces challenges in meeting the growing demand of ICT specialists, digital skills among the general workforce and e-entrepreneurs", and that "funding remains an issue in the higher education system and is preventing Austria from improving education outcomes".  

To download the compendium "Research and Innovation in Country Reports 2017", please click here.

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