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20 Mar 2017

LERU congratulates ERC on ten-year anniversary

LERU, the League of European Research Universities, has congratulated the European Research Council (ERC) on the occasion of the ERC's tenth anniversary, calling the ERC "an impressive and inspiring success story as the premier, internationally acclaimed beacon of research excellence in Europe". LERU considers the ERC's clear vision and its relatively simple and rigorous mechanism to carry out its mission as important elements of the ERC's great success so far. Equally important, according to LERU, is the fact that the ERC is a "reflective organisation", making changes and improving, and thus searching "not only to fund the best but also to be the best managed funding organisation".

LERU points out that it has always supported the ERC, and that researchers at its member organisations have been very successful in participating in ERC grant schemes. LERU calls for the ERC to "remain one of the key programmes of the EU research and innovation framework", also in future.

For more information:

LERU press release

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