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15 Mar 2017

RIO Newsletter on STI Data and Indicators - Feb. 2017 issue

RIO has published the February 2017 issue of its Newsletter on STI Data and Indicators, including statistics and information on the following:

  • Eurostat data on scientists and engineers and on R&D personnel
  • Eurostat provisional data on tertiary attainment 2016
  • Commission winter 2017 economic forecast
  • OECD update of R&D expenditure data
  • Bertelsmann Social Policy Reform Index 2016
  • US Chamber of Commerce International IP Index
  • Miscellaneous results from national data sources and studies.

It also includes a calendar of data releases and indicator-based publications for 2017.

RIO is the Research and Innovation Observatory of the Joint Research Centre (JRC). It was set up by the European Commission to monitor and analyse research and innovation developments at country and EU levels to support better policy making in Europe.

For more information:

STI Newsletter

RIO Website


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