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10 Feb 2017

SFIC adopts opinion on Horizon 2020 mid-term review and FP9

The Strategic Forum for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation (SFIC) presents an opinion aiming at identifying some of the major shortcomings and proposing corrective measures, both in the perspective of the mid-term review of Horizon 2020 and the preparation of FP9. The participation of third countries in Horizon 2020 has dropped in comparison with the average yearly participation in FP7 from 4.9% to 2.4%.

SFIC encourages to further persue the implementation of matching funds for Horizon 2020. These measures should be extended to other high-potential partner countries that have not yet implemented a dedicated instrument.

Towards a greater visibility of international cooperation and to provide clearer and up-to-date information for prospective participants, SFIC proposes to set up a centralised portal, building on all existing information. This would help to unify the actions of NCPs and provide a valuable tool for prospective users in Europe and beyond.

Concerning the strategic approach, there should be a clear proactive connection between the priorities of the multi-annual roadmaps and the international flagging of the upcoming work programme, the documents says. The implication of the multi-annual roadmaps (MAR) should be stressed more clearly within the relevant thematic programme committee meetings.

On the structure of FP9, SFIC recommends to consider alternatives for a more structural solution so that the cooperation with third countries can be adequately addressed.

SFIC Opinion

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