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03 Feb 2017

Quality of SSH integration highly uneven in Horizon 2020

The European Commission published the second monitoring report on the integration of social sciences and humanities in Horizon 2020. The goal of the report is to assess to what extent the 2015 calls for proposals under the Societal Challenges and the Industrial Leadership priorities have delivered on the integration of SSH as a cross-cutting issue. The report provides data on the budget dedicated to SSH activities, the share of SSH partners as well as their country affiliation and type of activity, the prevalence of various disciplines, and the overall quality of integration.

Some key findings of the monitoring exercise are:

  • the quality of integration differs considerably depending on the Societal Challenge (SC) or LEIT part. Besides SC 6, SC 4 and 7 show a good integration of SSH. SC 2, 5 and LEIT-NMBP do not integrate any contribution from the SSH in the SSH flagges topics, according to the report.
  • in 2015 there were 83 SSH flagged topics with a budget of €888 million (2014: 98 topics, budget €1.1 billion). €197 million were  awarded to SSH partners, €168 million under the Societal Challenges pillar and €29 million under the LEIT pillar.

  • SSH partners come predominantly from United Kingdom (11%), Italy (10%) and Germany(10%). 4 % of the SSH partners come from Austria.

  • SSH coordinators come predominantly from UK (12 projects − 19%), Germany (10 projects - 16%), Spain (8 projects − 13%), Belgium (8 projects – 13%), Italy (8 projects − 13%), the Netherlands (3 projects − 5%), Norway (3 projects − 5%), and Austria (3 projects − 5%).

Contributions from the social sciences and humanities research and activity fields are needed under Horizon 2020 to generate new knowledge, support evidence-based policymaking, develop key competences and produce interdisciplinary solutions to both societal and technological issues. In Horizon 2020 social sciences and humanities have been mainstreamed as an essential element of the activities needed to tackle each of the societal challenges to enhance their impact.

Download the report here.

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