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01 Feb 2017

Europe's energy transition is well underway report says

In line with its commitment to report annually on the state of the Energy Union, the European Commission is publishing today its Second State of the Energy Union Report. This report looks at the progress made since the publication of the first State of the Energy Union in November 2015.

Research, innovation and competitiveness is one of the five dimension of the Energy Union project. Investment in research and innovation through Horizon 2020, including the InnovFin Energy Demo Projects financial instruments, is equally instrumental in developing clean energy solutions. Research and innovation projects supporting cutting edge technologies already produced significant results in 2016 in areas such as photovoltaic, hydrogen and zero emission fuel cell buses.

The report finds that European industry, research institutes and academic innovative actors are overall well positioned in the global energy landscape. With 30% of global patents in renewables, the European Union is a leader in low carbon key technology innovation. The latest figures dated 2014 show that total research and innovation investment (public and private) in the EU28 has increased by 22% since 2010 in Energy Union research and innovation priorities. The private sector is responsible for this increase with the sustainable transport sector representing the highest share of all private investment with 43%. Public national investment has slightly decreased in this period, except in the sector of smart energy system, both in absolute terms and as a share of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Public investment now only represents 15% of the total overall investment.

Second Report on the State of the Energy Union

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