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16 Jan 2017

Alliance of life sciences research centers releases statement on FP9

EU-LIFE, an alliance of 13 top research centers in life sciences, released a statement with its recommendations for the next EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation. Its key message is to drive European leadership in innovation, boost excellent ground breaking research in combination with professional technology transfer. EU-LIFE recommends to take the following actions into account:

1. Prioritise scientific excellence across the whole framework programme by reinforcing excellence as the major criterion; through expansion of the excellence-based ERC granting scheme; and support of large and medium-scale collaborative research projects with real opportunities for innovation at the early Technology Readiness Level (TRLs) across all the pillars of FP9.
2. Scale up the scientific and innovation achievements of Europe by stronger investment in early Technology Readiness Level (TRLs 1-4) to feed the innovation cycle with breakthrough discoveries. This requires a revised strategy that acknowledges the different outputs from across the TRL spectrum.
3. Connect research and professional knowledge transfer effectively by investing in efficient models that break through the silos of research and innovation.
4. Implement funding schemes to set-up, renew and sustain state-of-the-art small scale research infrastructure that enable outstanding science and innovation in all corners of Europe.
5. Attract and train the next generation of excellent scientists.

EU-Life Statement on FP9

EU-LIFE website

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