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16 Jan 2017

Science Europe publishes report on intersectoral mobility

On 16 January 2017, Science Europe has published a report on intersectoral mobility of researchers based on a survey on intersectoral mobility measures for researchers. The Science Europe  Working Group on Research Careers has taken stock of support schemes and measures designed to encourage intersectoral mobility offered by the member organisations.

Intersectoral mobility of researchers is gaining political momentum in Europe, with more interest in bringing in the competences that characterise researchers into public, private and not-for-profit sectors. This new report from Science Europe looks at the diversity of measures in place within Science Europe Member Organisations to enable researchers to be more mobile across different sectors of employment. It also makes a series of recommendations on how to improve schemes for researchers across Europe.

Earlier and better invovement of the industrial or non-academic sector would greatly maximise the success of intersectoral mobility schemes, the survey found. Other improvements would also been seen if transparent intellectual property rules are developed, and by training researchers in soft skills to facilitate their adaption from one sector to another.

The report can be found at the following adress:


Photo: Science Europe

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