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20 Dec 2016

Switzerland to be fully associated to Horizon 2020 as of January 2017

On Friday 16 December, the Swiss Federal Council ratified the Protocol on the extension to Croatia of the Free Movement of Persons Agreement between the EU and Switzerland. This means that in accordance with Article 13(6) of the Agreement associating Switzerland to Horizon 2020 ('the Agreement'), as of 1 January 2017 the Agreement continues to apply and will be expanded to cover the whole of Horizon 2020.

The European Commission gave a positive assessment of the Swiss law implementing the referendum on mass immigration of 9 February 2014 as approved by the Swiss parliament. The law is a result of a referendum in which Swiss voters narrowly voted in favour of quotas limiting number of migrants from the EU in February 2014. Since the referendum, Switzerland has only been associated to parts of Horizon 2020.

In practical terms this means that for all Horizon 2020 projects signed as from 1 January the Swiss participants are automatically eligible for funding and may count towards the minimum number of participants required for a project. The status of Swiss legal entities in all on-going projects, for which the GAs have already been signed before 1 January 2017 remains unchanged.

EC information note on Swiss participation in Horizon 2020


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