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14 Dec 2016

LERU publishes paper on interdisciplinarity as a driver of innovation

On 14 December 2016, the League of European Research Universities (LERU) presented in Brussels a paper on interdisciplinarity as a powerful driver of knowledge creation, scientific progress and innovation.

Interdisciplinary in research and education is a topic intensly debated at universities. That is why the LERU universities have endeavoured to analyse the challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinarity. The LERU paper shows how both the drivers and solutions are different for bottom-up, knowledge-driven versus top-down, challenge-driven interdisciplinary research. It analyses how LERU universities reflect on interdisciplinarity and shares their recent strategies, innovative structures and creative projects that have been developed to support interdisciplinarity. In the paper, LERU also formulates recommendations on interdisciplinarity.

Interdisciplinarity and the 21st century research-intensive university

Press release

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