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13 Dec 2016

Marshall Plan for ERA: Policy Brief discusses current challenges for European research policy

A new ERA Portal Austria Policy brief by Christian Naczinsky discusses the current challenges for the European Research Area (ERA). 

According to the autor, ERA has disappeared from the annual requests to draft the national reform programmes of the Member States within the scope of the Europa 2020 strategy. Nowadays, instead of the ERA, the European Commission prefers to focus on Open Science, Open Innovation and Open To The World, which are important initiatives, yet they further blur the contours of the ERA instead of raising its profile.

In spite of denial by most policy-makers, for the author the European Research Area is the “missing link” between research funding and the research policy ecosystem. It is embedded in primary law and formulates in Article 179 of the EU treaty an internal market for knowledge in Europe, which the European Commission and the Member States are supposed to coordinate in accordance with Article 181 of the EU treaty.

A Marshall Plan for better governance in ERA

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