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07 Dec 2016

Innovation Deals selected: E-Mobility and Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

Following a call for the expressions of interest for Innovation Deals for a Circular Economy (open from 26 May - 15 September 2016), the European Commission has selected the following two Innovation Deals: "From E-mobility to recycling: the virtuous loop of electric vehicle" and "Sustainable wastewater treatment using innovative anaerobic membrane bioreactors technology".

In the coming months, innovators together with the European Commission, national authorities and other stakeholders will work together on voluntary agreements called the Joint Declarations of Intent (JDIs). The JDIs will contain the following information: Scope, objectives, actions, roles, tasks, timeline and expected results of the Innovation Deals.

The objective of an Innovation Deal is to reduce barriers to innovation. If a rule or regulation is confirmed as an obstacle to innovations that could bring wider societal benefits, the Deal will make it visible and feed into possible further action. The European Commission does not fund the preparation or implementation of Innovation Deals.

The JDIs are expected to be signed in the first quarter of 2017, when further information on the Innovation Deals will be made available.

More information on the EC Website on Innovation Deals

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