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10 Nov 2016

Science Europe releases a Position Statement on Research Information Systems

On 10 November 2016 the Science Europe Working Group on Research Policy and Programme Evaluation released a new Position Statement on Research Information Systems. This statement aims to enhance the interoperability of research information systems by providing a set of common principles to guide their development.

Open Science is an example of how quickly the context, needs and objectives related to research systems can evolve. This calls for research information systems that are capable of effectively supporting this constant and unpredictable change with the intelligence and insights needed to perform strategic, analytical and management functions. Research information systems store data on research activity, such as scientific publications and other outputs, researchers, research budgets and projects, research institutions, research funding applications and reviews.

Through aggregation, such data provide crucial information for strategic decision making and for science, technology and innovation analyses and studies. Science Europe therefore invites all research organisations to develop resilient research information systems by adopting four core principles: flexibility, openness, fairness, and data entry minimisation.

Read more: Position Statement

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