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04 Nov 2016

EU-Performance Monitoring: Second 2016 Cockpit Report published

The Austrian EU Performance Monitoring published the second 2016 Horizon 2020 Cockpit Report. This report is based on the recent Horizon 2020 data release (30 September) by the European Commission.

The cockpit report gives an overview of the Austrian performance in Horizon 2020. An amount of 19.6 billion € has been recommended for funding so far, which represents a share of 25.4% of the overall budget for Horizon 2020. Austria’s share of the approved funding is 2.9% (563.8 Mio €). The Austrian success rate is 16.3% which is above the EU average (14.3%). The share of the Austrian higher education sector in Horizon 2020 is 26.7% (EU average 32.9%), the share of the non-university research sector for Austria is 22.9% (EU average: 22.2%) and the share of the Austrian business sector in Horizon 2020 is 38.6% (EU average: 33.4%).

Cockpit Report September 2016



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